Register for Manufacturers 1 Year Warranty

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We don’t want you to waste your money shipping your box back to us if the issue can be resolved by resetting or upgrading the software on the box.  We have found that more than half of the units being returned to us for warranty repair service only need to be reset and do not have any hardware issue that would require you to send them in for repair.  Please try these tips below, before sending in your box for repair service. Click here for RMA help and instructions.

Where did you purchase your DigiXstream? If you bought it from a garage sale or got it from your brother-in-law as a gift, it is ok. We are going to warranty your box as long as it was not stolen or the warranty coverage hasn't expired. Please provide us with the website, the name of the seller or a brief description of where you purchased it.
We will use this address to communicate with you regarding your repair.
Although not required, we highly suggest you provide your phone number in case one of our engineers needs to get in touch with you to clarify what is wrong with your box.
15 Digit Number located on the back of the box and on the bottom of the unit.
The MAC address is located on the sticker on the bottom of your box and it will begin with 00:11 or 0011
Please be as detailed as possible. Things to include here would be the make and model of your TV, what HDMI cable you are using, what are the symptoms of your issues. Were you able to replicate the problem on more than 1 television? Any other stuff we might want to know about your Internet setup would be good to know as well.